50 Home Improvement Ideas for Real Estate Professionals

50 Home Improvement Ideas for Real Estate Professionals

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Home improvements aren’t just for homeowners. Real estate agents and real estate investors should have a full arsenal of ideas at their disposal to make houses more attractive and salable. Experienced agents and investors can walk a property for the very first time and instantly identify a dozen or more ways to make that property more appealing and valuable to a potential homebuyer. Even experienced professionals can use some inspiration and fresh ideas from time to time. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of 50 home improvement ideas that you may want to consider before your next remodel, home staging, or property flip:

  1. Paint the exterior
  2. Paint the interior
  3. Replace flooring
  4. Replace the front door and/or door hardware
  5. Replace windows
  6. Install decorative shutters or storm shutters
  7. Install an security alarm system
  8. Resurface the garage door
  9. Resurface the garage floor
  10. Install organizers / shelves in the garage
  11. Build your own custom organizers for walk-in closets
  12. Invest in decorative pool surrounds
  13. Build a swimming pool
  14. Create relaxing outdoor living spaces
  15. Erect a gazebo or trellis structure in your backyard
  16. Build outdoor kitchens or BBQs
  17. Resurface or replace kitchen cabinets
  18. Add new kitchen countertops
  19. Replace or add new appliances
  20. Create a home office space
  21. Add water features (outside or in)
  22. Install built-in vacuum systems
  23. Update fans and lighting
  24. Build unique bunk beds in the kids room
  25. Have a mural painted in the kids room
  26. Erect a treehouse in the back yard
  27. Create a flower bed or vegetable garden
  28. Put up new fencing for privacy and security
  29. Add more square footage (bump out, or floor above)
  30. Re-pave driveways
  31. Put in luxury showers with multiple shower heads and seating
  32. Add a sauna
  33. Add wall mirrors to make spaces appear larger
  34. Enhance the exterior with columns or window molding
  35. Upgrade interior doors
  36. Put in a wine cellar or cigar room
  37. Stage homes with designer furniture
  38. Open walls to bring in more light and open up living spaces
  39. Make over window coverings with new blinds and curtains
  40. Re-sod the yard
  41. Upgrade the mailbox
  42. Replace toilets
  43. Incorporate decorative sinks
  44. Pressure wash the roof and exterior walls
  45. Install fire sprinkler systems
  46. Install lawn sprinkler systems
  47. Add outdoor lighting
  48. Add sustainable features like solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems
  49. Add a new deck
  50. Put in a new central air condition system

So, which will you do?

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